I am a musician and XR developer/researcher based in Paris. I formerly worked in the area of immigration and asylum law and policy. This website is dedicated to my musical works and XR portfolio.

I started training in XR development and sound design early 2021, principally with Circuit Stream and the Antwerp Summer School on Storytelling in VR. I am currently developing 3 VR prototypes and pursuing studies in VR and psychology at the University Paris Cité. 

I have worked in music over the last decade, mainly as a cellist, pianist, composer, producer and educator. As a composer and producer, I gravitate towards indie-classical, dream-pop and electro-acoustic genres. My latest release is an album called “Edge of Chaos” which came out in 2019. A new set of musical pieces is currently in the works. 

When performing live, I sing while hiding alternately behind my electric cello, piano or guitar. I have performed in many European cities and festivals as a solo artist and as a member of orchestras and bands, including Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. I have also composed and performed for theatre and film projects. My music, lyrics and videos share an introspective and nostalgic atmosphere. Some of them are inspired by work I carried out with refugees and migrants for over five years.  

I obtained a PhD in law in the area of EU immigration and asylum law in November 2014. I worked as a researcher, lecturer and supervisor at Sciences Po Paris between 2010 and 2016.