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Edge of Chaos

Charles Gosme

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Charles Gosme.

Artwork by Anna Gosme and Charles Gosme.

All instruments and vocals performed by Charles Gosme.

15 pieces, including 13 written by Charles Gosme and 2 covers.

Cover of "Hurt" by Michael Trent Reznor.
Cover of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" (Huddie Ledbetter).

Released on 7 March 2019.
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Morpheus and Gaia

Charles Gosme

Morpheus and Gaia is a song about the trials and tribulations of following an authentic dream in the face of misguided hostility, by contrast with the pursuit of an empty and vanity-guided dream in the face of empathetic and rational concern. The blend of musical styles seeks to create the atmosphere of a psychedelic dream in which one floats along with supernatural creatures. Much of the allegorical imagery is derived from a blend of several religious traditions and myths, with the recreation of a dream world which may be subject to interpretation.
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  1. Morpheus and Gaia

In the Sky

Charles Gosme

In the Sky is a nostalgic song about life and death, past and future, love and loss. I wrote it at a difficult time in my life, a time which made me reflect on my entire life, past, present and future. I reflected on the most important moments and people in my life, on what matters, on past losses and on the losses to come, especially on the idea of losing my life partner and partner in crime Anna. It’s a song that should be listened to while watching the video I created for it. I hope you enjoy!

Click on this link to watch the music video for In the Sky:
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  1. In the Sky

Running Blind

Charles Gosme

Running Blind is about uncertainty, neglected inner beauty, and loneliness amongst the masses. I used to run every night along the Parisian river Seine, with the Eiffel Tower in sight. The (trip hop style) music came to me while running one night, and the illuminated Eiffel Tower triggered a variety of symbolic images in my mind which inspired the lyrics of the song.
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  1. Running Blind